Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

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Weekly Update from Rep. Drazkowski

Assistant Minority Leader
* 289 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155
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Legislative Assistant:
Chelsea Thompson 651-296-1544

Committee Assignments:
GOP-Lead: Judiciary Finance and Policy
Government Operations

Biographical Information:
Home: Mazeppa 1646 Cherry St. E., 55956; 651-564-0638
Occupation: Business
Education: B.S., agriculture, University of Wisconsin-River Falls; M.Ed., agricultural education, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Elected: 2007
Term: 4th
Family: Married, spouse Laura, 1 child

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Rep. Steve Drazkowski (21B) – Legislative Update 

Hello from St. Paul,


For the first two months of session, legislative Democrats have been focused on developing gun prohibition legislation that violates the 2nd Amendment and restricts the rights of Minnesota’s law abiding gun owners.


I’m pleased to announce that we have now corrected this course through the development of legislation that is focused on the real problem: criminals; and more specifically, how their information is reported and shared among agencies that should know about their law breaking history.


First, this NRA-supported bill would prohibit felons from possessing ammunition, create mandatory minimums for violent felons that are convicted of possessing firearms on a second or subsequent offense, and provide felony penalties for individuals that engage in repeated false reports of lost or stolen firearms.


The proposal would also create a felony against someone who knowingly purchased a firearm for an ineligible person. It would provide the state and federal criminal background check systems with complete information on individuals that are ineligible from possessing firearms and the duration of the ineligibility, and would also accelerate the time period for reporting criminal data.


Finally, the bill improves reporting of court-determined mental health disqualifications and creates a rights restoration process.


This bill has more than 70 co-sponsors. Better still, half of them are Democrats and half of them are Republicans – representing both rural Minnesota and the Metro Area. This means if it reaches the House floor, it will pass on a strong bipartisan basis and without controversy.


I know I do my share of complaining when Democrats don’t take Republican concerns seriously and forge ahead with partisan legislation that benefits their political supporters. But in this instance, those Democrats supporting this bill are showing a strong willingness to work not only with GOP lawmakers, but with the Minnesota Sheriffs Association and gun-rights advocates as well.


I’m proud to be a co-sponsor of this legislation that protects 2nd Amendment rights while focusing on fighting crime and limiting criminal access to firearms, which is something all Minnesotans – regardless of whether or not they own guns – should be able to support.


If you’d like to read the bill, click here.



The House passed a bill this week which would form a state-run health care insurance exchange. Even though the federal government has yet to form a federal exchange and it appears will not get authorization to fund one, the Democrats passed this plan to conform Minnesota to Obamacare. While 32 states have opted not to enact a state based exchange, Minnesota is now leading the way to implementing Obamacare with the passage of this bill. An amendment preventing abortions to be covered under the plan was adopted. The plan is to begin enrolling consumers in October, with assistants in place to help citizens navigate the online marketplace.


The Democrats’ health exchange is a monument to government growth, inefficiency and waste. You know a plan is flawed when even Gov. Mark Dayton calls it “a big gamble,” as he did during a recent radio interview. It would cost us hundreds of millions of dollars to operate and include a 3.5-percent tax, while lacking the three things Minnesotans care about most: affordability, choice in care and data privacy. Our state is a national leader in health care and in health insurance. We have too much to lose in rushing to pass this new government program that seems destined to fail.


Have a good weekend,



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