Saturday, January 19th, 2019

Winona County Republicans

Trump Yard Signs


Hello Fellow Republicans!

We are diligently working towards securing Trump Yard Signs!

A shipment is on its way to MN as we speak according to the Trump Campaign and Winona will be receiving a portion of those along with some stickers.

In the meantime we are working on getting some homemade signs made up and gaining the graphic to make some signs locally for sale.

The goal is to have, in some capacity, Trump signs available for the public starting next Monday. We understand it’s been a wait so we appreciate your patience. If you do want a yard sign we do have our Yard Sign Request form we’d love you complete. When we have them available we will be contact you or bring a sign to you!

Those who fill out information either online or at our headquarters will have a first rights to signs. The form can be found by hovering over the Election Information Tab and clicking the drop down menu option of Yard Signs or following this link:

Thank you!

Lynae Hahn

Winona GOP Chair

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