Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

Winona County Republicans

Republicans File for Office

Today Republicans from all over the state showed up at the State Office Building to file their respective offices.  Over 100 of the Party’s best and brightest attended a press conference and stopped in the Secretary of State’s office to fulfill the legal requirement for showing up on the ballot in November.

The mass filing was early on the calender this year because of the early primary in August.  A packed briefing room was filled with the energy of a united Republican Party from the governors race with Rep. Emmer and Annette Meeks, all the way down to State Senate and House.

Challenger for Senate District 31, Jeremy Miller relayed some thoughts on the exciting press conference and officially placing his name on the November ballot.

“Today was a very exciting day for our campaign. We participated in the Republican Party of Minnesota mass filing event this morning in St. Paul and then traveled the district unveiling our 3-Point Plan to restore fiscal responsibility to the State of Minnesota.”

Rhett Zenke, candidate for Minnesota House District 31A expressed similar sentiments.

“The crowded room shows the excitement and unity that the Republican Party is feeling .  It’s a great time to be a fiscal conservative.  We absolutely need to take this energy through the summer and on into November.”

The overriding theme from Rep. Zellers to Chairman Sutton was that we need to reinvent government to deliver the State’s services more efficiently, and streamline those areas of government that have become bloated bureaucracies and regulatory nightmares.

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