Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

Winona County Republicans

Early Voting and Voter Registration

The Winona County GOP has opened a voter registration center at their headquarters office located in the Winona Mall. The registration center is open to all voters and all the supplies necessary to complete the registration process. They also have a staff of volunteers ready to help answer questions, and will be adding more information on polling locations as the election season continues.

 voter-registration-center “One of our goals as an organization is to help people register and then vote during the election. The voter registration center helps us accomplish this, and we welcome all voters from all viewpoints to come in and get registered.”– Lynae Hahn – Chair of the Winona GOP

Voters are also able to apply for early voting. It’s Minnesota’s first year with no excuse voting which means you can apply to get a ballot before the election and vote from the comfort of you home. This is a wonderful opportunity for voters who have a full plate already with work, family, and various commitments.

The Winona GOP has applications for early voting available, and voters can register for day of voting by mail up to 21 days before the election at which point they will be able to do same day registration following the procedures available on www.mnvotes.org

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