Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

Winona County Republicans

Minnesota farmers might be wondering how their lives may change thanks to the decisions made by Governor Dayton and our new Democrat-led legislature. No one can deny the importance of Minnesota’s farmers. Not only are they the backbone of Minnesota’s economy, they are also responsible for producing the food that helps feed our nation and […]

Greetings from the Capitol, February 28, 2013 Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB), the state’s non-partisan fiscal agent, recently released the official budget forecast for February 2013. The forecast provided positive news for Minnesota. The forecast shows an additional surplus of $295 million for the current biennium, bringing the total surplus for the current 2012-13 biennium […]

In a new ad by Minnesota Majority, they illustrate candidate Dayton, versus Governor Dayton. Governor Dayton told Tom Hauser, in a televised debate, that he would not shut government down over a tax increase. See the ad here.

During this session’s budget debate, it’s time to get the other side. Watch here.

March 23, 2011 Greetings from the Capitol! We’ll be putting in long hours this week as we finalize our budget bills by a self-imposed deadline of this Friday. A month ago we established targets for overall spending in each major area–such as education, transportation, agriculture, public safety–but now we have to put the meat on […]

State economists shared an updated budget forecast with lawmakers this week, and the initial numbers are positive. Minnesota has collected $984 million more than expected over the past few months, meaning our previous projection of the state budget deficit of $6.2 billion has now fallen to $5.1 billion. Why the change? The analysts tell us […]

Fist up is Senator Miller. Greetings from the Capitol! Until this week our committee meetings were taken up with overviews by Senate Counsel and Research and by major stakeholders in our areas of responsibility, but now we have begun to consider our first bills. Legislating is a great responsibility: we are writing laws that will […]

Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 8 to attend this year’s Tax Cut Rally, Minnesota’s largest gathering of freedom-loving, fiscally responsible citizens.  Last year, over 6,000 Minnesotans assembled at the state capitol to protest out-of-control government spending and taxes.  This year, we are expecting an even larger crowd. This is as family-friendly event with lots […]

Someone at the NRSC has a great sense of humor. Check out their new ad.

Rep. Steve Drazkowski will be sending updates from the House Floor while it is in session.  Here is the update from Monday Feb. 22, regarding the bonding bill’s final passage out of the House, and the new “Culligan Man Law”. Dear friends, Yesterday, the House met in session at two different times (early afternoon and […]